Breakthrough technology, which incorporates a tougher material instead of glass for maximum durability against the rigors of NDT field work.

HPX-DR 3543 PE Non-Glass, Large Format Detector

  •  139 μm pixel pitch for high-resolution imaging
  • Large format (350 x 430mm)
  • Thin profile (14.7mm)

HPX-DR 2530 PH Non-Glass Detector

  • provides high-resolution imaging capability – see more with the 98 μm resolution for optimal image defect visibility
  • Do more imaging in confined areas or between objects
  • Compact size (250 x 300mm) and thin profile (14.7mm) for positioning in tight spaces
HPX-DR 2530 PH

INDUSTREX HPX-DR 2530 PC High-Speed Detector

  • Designed specifically for reliable, high-speed NDT imaging in a compact and durable DR package
  • It has a 145 μm resolution and a lower required exposure dose to achieve faster throughput for imaging, which in turn accelerates the process of analysis and reporting
  • Compact size (250 x 300mm) and thin profile (14.7mm) for positioning in tight spaces
HPX-DR 2530 PC

HPX-DR 4336 GH High Resolution Large Format Detector

  • Features 100-micron image resolution for enhanced image clarity in a large format detector
  • It’s designed for customers looking to optimize productivity by capturing a broad range of parts at a higher resolution, as well as meeting demanding industry standards
  • Large format 43 x 36 detector allows for larger parts to be inspected in one shot
  • Lightweight (9.5 lbs./4.3 kg.) and slim profile (15.5 mm) for ease-of-use in field imaging
HPX-DR 4336

HPX-DR 2329 GK, High-Resolution, Compact Detector

  • Building on our broad portfolio of DR technology, Carestream NDT offers a 75 micron DR detector for high resolution image capture in NDT
  • Especially designed for aerospace and other industries that require ultra-high resolution for critical defect detection
  • It is ideal for applications that require the highest resolution possible to meet stringent industry standards
  • Uses less dose than film. This decreases shot time and increases throughput rates for more inspections in less time, while still maintaining an optimal level of quality assurance to identify minuscule cracks, porosity, and other defects
  • Compact 230 x 290 mm format for positioning in tight spaces
  • Lightweight at 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs) with a slim 17 mm profile for ease-of-use in field imaging
  • IP67 rated enclosure for industrial inspections
HPX-DR 2329
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