• D-Tect X was developed from the ground up specifically for the NDT industry and in close collaboration with Level 3 experts and customers
  • Provides an optimized and time-saving NDT inspection workflow – the perfect complement to all CT scanners and digital X-ray detectors
  • Flexible and easy-to-use interface, can be customized according to each user’s preference. Used by both DR and CR users
  • Software with many tools that help in the analysis and evaluation of the photographic films according to the requirements of the ISO, ASME and ASTM standards
  • Compatible with the DICONDE system – the user can be sure that images can be viewed and processed by any other DICONDE compatible system
  • High performance – GPU and multi-core processor support that makes D-TECT X extremely fast and efficient
  • All in one – the system includes all functions from image evaluation and report generation to data import and export.
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