Radiation Monitors

Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED) Blue

  • The PED-Blue is a lightweight, non-IS PED
  • The device can be charged with a direct micro USB connection, providing greater flexibility
  • The PED-Blue can also be configured to use either two or four dose alarm levels and is customisable through DoseVisionTM software

Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED+)

  • The PED+ can be used as both a personal radiation dosimeter and a handheld dose rate survey meter
  • It has a number of additional features, such as GPS, pop-up message alarms and the ability to connect to mobile phones

T402 / T402HR

These rugged all-weather instruments provide accurate, reliable dose rate monitoring with minimal servicing and maintenance.

T402  – Fast response and sensitive to low dose rates

T402HR – Extended range for high dose rates

  • Integrated dose function – allows the instrument to be used as a dosimeter
  • Peak dose rate memory – allows maximum exposure levels to be recorded
  • Backlight display capability for use in low light
  • Audible response with adjustable alarm thresholds
  • Ruggedised nylon 6/6 construction and modular integrated electronics
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