FV-2014 / FV-2014 IRIS


High intensity LED film viewer combines the latest electronic technology with a reliable LED driver circuit. It can view film with a density of up to 4.0D and can be operated continuously 24 hours a day.

  • Viewer window 14”x17”
  • Max brightness is approx. ≥ 82,800 Cd/m2
  • Weight 7.4 kg

FV-2014 IRIS

A new high intensity LED industrial Film Viewer that combines the features of the proven FV-2014 14″x17″ LED Film Viewer with the new FV-2018-IRIS Ultra High Intensity LED Spot Film Viewer. It can achieve a 4.4D on the ultra-high intensity spot with adjustable iris.

  • Dual view window: 14″x17″ and IRIS Spot Viewer
  • Quickly switch from 14″x17″ to spot by pressing the “IRIS” key
  • Max brightness is approx. ≥ 280,000 Cd/m2
  • Weight 8.45 kg
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