About Us

VSR Technologies was founded in 2002, and since then has been at the forefront of technology in the field of engineering, radiation, and nondestructive testing in industry, construction, medicine, aviation, and precise instrumentation.
We combine a deep understanding of the various areas of activity, close working relationships with leading manufacturers in the world, along with a broad knowledge base of dozens of engineers, consultants and practitioners that give a high level of professional service especially for hundreds of customers across the country. Across the board, we are careful to represent leading manufacturers around the world, bringing with them a series of continuous innovation. Our clients include: defense industries, airlines, private contractors, customers, commercial and industrial sectors varied, wireless carriers, and more. In recent years, developed our activities in the area of concern for the environment, and today we offer a wide range of solutions for monitoring and rich cellular radiation protection and protection from radiation emitted by electrical panels, cables, transformer stations, and high tension wires. We also market innovative advanced detector warning against earthquakes. We make sure that all the materials marketed by us are green and comply with international standards stringent. VSR technology has espoused the values of reliability, quality and safety, and it is the most stringent standards, including ISO 9001: 2000.